We invest in the brilliant people who bring ideas that matter to life

Forus Capital

We are a team with operational and functional expertise. We are a venture fund that invests in early-stage enterprise software companies, with a focus on: applied AI, business applications, infrastructure, security and vanguard technologies.

We hold the belief that technology has the potential to transform every industry worldwide — and that brilliant, ambitious founders are instrumental in these changes.

Thats why we invest in smart people solving difficult problems, often difficult scientific or engineering problems. And we're squarely focused on helping these founders succeed.

$ 250 M

assets under management



Great companies are built by diverse teams that are supported and empowered to be maximally creative.

Forus Capital provides the right amount of financial capital and a heaping quantity of human capital to help bring your vision to life.

Whether you're a few weeks into your startup, or a few years post-IPO, we can invest in you.

We are always protecting your rights and interests.

The volume of investments

$ 5-15 M

for early stage companies with strong growth potential

$ 25-30 M

already developed companies with a client base and strong sales

We develop
exceptional partnerships

We are personally invested in each other's success. We know that great outcomes come from diverse teams.

We believe
character matters

We embrace personal integrity, humility and citizenship. We act with empathy and conviction.

We turn ✨ vision into value

We challenge
conventional thinking

We think differently. We nurture a culture of deeply objective inquiry and seek the full potential in every opportunity. We respect the power of facts.

We work
with tenacity

We roll up our sleeves, dig in, and come to work every day searching for better outcomes. We relentlessly tackle tough problems. We see things through.

Everything we do at Forus Capital is built around being useful to founders. Money is part of that, but so is hiring, leadership, product and customers. We want to have a system-wide impact and that starts by helping our partners succeed.

Our Rule #1

We want founders to feel supported as humans first, and as business leaders second.

Relationships Come First

Relationships are our most valuable resource. We support founders throughout their creative lives, often with multiple investments in their companies.

We move fast

Typically between a couple of days to a couple of weeks from first conversation to term sheet. We work for our founders timelines.

Patient capital

If we choose to invest, we’re with you for the long term — for your company’s lifecycle. We aren’t driven by artificial milestones or deadlines.

We know exactly what kind of people we are looking for. Having a big idea matters, but being the person who can bring it to life is even more important.

That's why

we invest in experts — true geniuses who are the best at what they do.

Our goal is to empower the world’s most talented entrepreneurs. Building a company takes more than money. It takes creativity, collaboration, and heart. That’s why we invest heavily in resources to help our Founders and their teams reach their full potential.

We believe entrepreneurship can change the world. And aspire to invest in people and teams that share, embody, and promote these values.

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We cooperate with smart & shark teams of financial traders and analysts


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We help our partners to make the world around us better and more interestings.